Fashion is something we deal with on a daily basis. Even folks who say they don’t bother what they wear prefer clothes every morning that reveal a lot about them and how they feel that day.

One definite thing in the Fashion world is change. We are continuously being bombarded with new Fashion ideas from music, videos, books, and television. Movies also have a huge impact on what people wear. Ray-Ban sold more sunglasses after the movie Men in Black. Sometimes a trend is world-wide. Back in the 1950s, young people everywhere dressed like Elvis Presley.

“Fashion is to express your identity … using your clothes to tell somebody something about you”

Here is what Fashion is all in relation to:

  • Your personality. It might appear silly to say this, since Fashion seems so superficial, but it is the truth. You can converse with others; convey your preferences and way of life and even your mood for the day with only one piece of clothing. When you are not in the frame of mind to talk much, a hoodie and some sun glasses will do the talking for you.
  • Difficult times. There are moments when you need a new hairdo and a new look. It represents a fresh you, a way of saying “Goodbye” to your doubts and embracing what is yet to come. Did you ever see a woman with bright pink hair? Then you saw how confident she looks, how naturally she embraces herself and what she wants to be. Try to modify your style for a day and you will see the difference.

Fashion Accessories:

Accessory means something which is worn as secondary manner.  Even after wearing nice dress with no proper accessories the whole thing can be ruined. It is used often to complete an outfit as it should be. So,for all time be careful about proper accessories selecting & having.

A Shawl

Fabbrica Wool Stole / ScarfA Shawl is a larger piece of fabric, usually rectangular, but at times triangular or square in shape that can be use to drape around the body. Shawls could be worn by men and women. A shawl can be completely decorative, used to accent an outfit, used for prayer or can be made of wool or another warm fabric to keep the chill out, by wrapping around one’s shoulders. They are also worn to wrap uncovered shoulders in formal clothing, being decorative and practical at one time. Shawls are a extremely versatile and practical addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

A Stole

A Stole is comparable to a shawl. The word in all probability derives from the ancient Fabbrica Cotton StolesRoman stola, which is the woman’s edition of the men’s toga. The term stole at present is typically used to describe a formal or evening shawl, made of an graceful fabric, often not as broad as a shawl, but sufficient to drape around the body.

A Scarf

Fabbrica Viscose ScarveThe word is generally used to explain a fabric thing that can be wrapped or tied just about your neck for warmness and or style. Scarves can be informal or formal and everywhere in-between

  • It can be thin and long rectangles: imagine of a typical winter wool scarf that you wrap about your neck
  • It can be square: consider a ladies classic silk scarf.

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